Dark Custom™

Dark Custom
Way beyond attitude…
Some new wildlife has been spotted around the South Florida foliage. It's dark, it's sinister… it’s the Dark Custom™ line of motorcycles!

Dark Custom™ line of Motorcycles

The Night Rod® Special and the Nightster® (above) are just two of the half dozen denizens from the dark side.

Take, for instance, the Twin headlights, the full metal jacket rear shocks, and the double-barrel tommy-gun exhaust shield found on the Fat Bob®. Or, The Cross Bones™ -- built from blood, sweat, and chrome. All conspire to create a dark road warrior image.

Dark Custom Motorcycles
Experience the raw side of the road.
Dark Custom Parts & Accessories Night Train® 96 Cubic Inch Motor
Want to get even darker? You can, with an almost endless supply of Dark Custom parts and accessories. The Night Train® 96 cubic inch motor in a bottomless pit of bad intent.
Black is basic. The primary color of a motorcycle. Black isn’t only paint deep.